Things my flatmates said today

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Shit tickets

Time off in loo



for your love

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Linky action

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One of my fave blogs Design for Mankind is giving away an iPad 2 and I am entering and you should enter and by golly I want to win it ūüôā

Enter here!

(Plus you should also read this blog because it is radder than rad)

Sick-day jams

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60s jams

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Last night was the best damn night of the year, thanks to these songs….

… and “The Bee’s Knees”: Al, JC, Beamstrider and Lucy, you’re all too awesome for words.

This is why I should stop going to the cinema

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Thor was a ridiculous mess of a movie. ¬†Apart from the glaring ‘butterface’ issue that is Chris Hemsworth (aka, Kim from Home and Away), there was no story in that film. ¬†Instead of telling the story they just had a fuckton of action scenes. Fine, that’s what people go for, but the story was so ridiculous they might as well have left it out. ¬†All the characters, with the exception of Loki, were amazingly one-dimensional. ¬†It’s not awful, it’s just not good.

So not $14.50 worth. But hey it’s fun to have the cinema experience I suppose. I just wish that filmmakers wouldn’t be such dicks.

Anyway so now I’m boozing and talking trash. Typical.


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Royal wedding boozing!

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