Monday Jams: 31st January 2011

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A few days late posting this but you’ll forgive me when I explain that I had a shithouse day on Monday because I missed a flight from Auckland to Dunedin in the morning. Mainly because I booked a super early flight (as usual) and took too long getting ready in the morning.

So basically I threw $200 down the drain and had to purchase another flight. That’s a pair of whywhos I can no longer afford. Goddamn.

Anyway: Music. No theme today, just music I’ve been listening to lots.
(Youtubes or audio links after the fold)

1. The Mars Volta – Vermicide
2. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio
3. Tino Rossi – Tristesse
4. Mogwai – San Pedro
5. Crystal Castles – Baptism
6. Grayson Gilmour – Record Store
7. An Emerald City – A Thousand Stars At Night
8. Kasabian – Shoot The Runner
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Monday Jams: 17th January 2011

January 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Perhaps not the most punchy way to start this blog, but the word ‘wistful’ accurately portrays my mindset today. So, naturally, today’s playlist is a collection of songs that tell you it’s ok to feel a little bit sad sometimes.

1. Phil Selway – Witching Hour
2. David Bazan – Lost My Shape
3. Arcade Fire – Sprawl I (Flatland)
4. Beirut – The Penalty
5. Feist – Honey Honey
6. The Flaming Lips – Powerless
7. Grayson Gilmour – Fire Downstairs
8. The Jezabels – Mace Spray
9. The National – Terrible Love

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