Back from USA

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just got back to The Edinburgh of the South, after two and a half weeks in the USA.

In'N'Out Burger, Los Angeles

Colin Firth's star on the Hollywood walk of fame

The mammal gallery at the California Museum of Natural History

In the grounds of the Getty Museum, LA

A schoolbus being pulled over, LA

America – stuck in my head 50% of the time I was there.

I had a fun fun fun time, and can’t wait to go back. After 12 flights though, I’m happy to stay on solid ground for a few months.

Inside the M&Ms store, NYC

The BioLabs building at Harvard

With superstar choral composer Eric Whitacre

Am suffering from a pretty solid case of jet lag. Faiiirly sure the deep fried food I ate for lunch did not help, but by golly I wasn’t going to the supermarket today.

Word on the street is that a 60’s cover band might be in the works, so maybe I’ll give my drum kit a bit of use, for once. Speaking of drums, I hope I wasn’t supposed to go to my lesson today.

Aaaand now I’m rambling.

Music time:

The Strokes – Machu Picchu

David Bowie – Oh You Pretty Things

Radiohead – Separator

Jonny Greenwood – Moon Trills

Aaaand finally, a squirrel:

Squirrel on Harvard campus


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