Choral fun and games

March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

The City of Dunedin Choir has been practicing Bach’s Mass in B Minor for a performance on the 16th of April. Sadly I won’t be performing due to being mid-flight home from the USA, but I’ve been going to rehearsals anyway because it’s such a big work that I thought it would be good to learn it now. Who knows, I may have to sing it in the future, in some other choir.

It’s not the easiest choral work I’ve ever sung, that’s for sure. It really stretches my range (mostly at the high end but occasionally even the low), and Bach clearly wasn’t at all concerned with what would be easy to sing, just what would sound good. And it does sound good – at our rehearsal on Tuesday we practiced the Credo in unum deum, and it was lovely.

(The last section in this video is a duet so not performed by the choir, but it’s lovely all the same)

When I visit Boston I will attend a choral concert of Victoria and Poulenc works, which I am really looking forward to.

And it was announced that the premiere of the Virtual Choir 2.0 will be in NYC on the 7th of April – – – – – and I got a ticket! I’m so excited. I will get to meet other virtual choir members and potentially Eric Whitacre himself.

My life is pretty cool


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